Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reasons to smile on those inevitable dull days...

1. That random phone call you received earlier just about made your day.
2. The grapes you brought to snack on in between classes are incredibly juicy and crisp today.
3. Without the dull there would be no dazzle.
4. Boredom > Stress.
5. Now you're really looking forward to that weekend coming up that initially didn't seem too exciting.
6. You are a freaking awesome person whether it's a boring day or not. Go write a blog about yourself! ;)
7. It's a straight up invitation to do all those silly, spontaneous things that you always write off any other day...
8. Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
9. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't take that cat-nap you've been longing for All. Day. Long. Have a pup you can cuddle up with? To the couch, NOW.
10. The sun.
11. Just wait until you're heading back to your apartment because let's be honest: is there really ever a dull moment with those roommates of yours?


Only 2 more days until the weekend, folks!

Time to spice up my day by spending the evening with my mom! :)

ALSO, many smiles and congratulations to my wonderfully talented roommate Nina Genatossio for getting casted for the LEAD roll in Columbia's production of The Fantastics!!! I can guarantee there is nobody better for the part. You deserve this more than anyone, Nin! Love you!

And happy chocolate milkshake day!

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